VBT Fall Bazaar 2011

 VBT Fall Bazaar 2011
On Sunday, October 30, the Vancouver
Buddhist Temple held its annual Fall Bazaar. On the
day, the Bazaar lasts only a few hours, but it takes many hours over many days to organize all of the preparation of the food and goods that are sold. This Fall Bazaar, we saw many new faces, as temple members invited many of their friends and family. It is thanks to the scores of Temple members, their friends and their families who volunteer these many hours and skills that we were again able to have another very successful Bazaar. We would like to acknowledge the generosity of many businesses, friends, and members. Thanks to everyone’s efforts and hard work, the Vancouver Buddhist Temple can continue to share the Nembutsu Teachings.
In Gassho,
Dave Ohori, Yvonne Nakano
Thank you to the following friends of Vancouver Buddhist Temple, whose generous donations helped make our Bazaar such a success!
      T. Amano Trading Ltd.                          Fujiya
      Ken Nakamoto                                      Kay’s Seafood
      May Mukaida                                          Sakanaya Seafood
     Shinbo Tofu
Congratulations to the winners of the Bazaar Raffle Ticket Draw!
              1st Prize — $50 — K. Chan
              2nd Prize — $35 — M. Sakata
              3rd Prize — $25 — V. Tsurumaru

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