Message from the VBT Board - December 2011

How quickly the time passes when everybody is actively involved in our Temple Activities. I am now writing the message from the Board for our final Bodhi Mind issue for 2011.
Our Fall Bazaar with the guidance of our co-chairs, Dave Ohori and Yvonne Nakano was a great success with majority of our food items sold out well before our closing time. We wish to thank all the people who came to help in the food preparations and to the patrons for all their support. Special thanks to Joanne and Yvonne for making the hakusai tsukemono and the shime saba for the saba zushi.
Thank you letters will be going out to the commercial establishments for their generous donations.

Please sign up for mochitsuki day for your kagami set on the sign-up sheet located in front of the Temple office.
Next year 2012 is a non-election year. We will be having our VBT AGM on Sunday January 29th at 1:00 PM in the Social Hall. Please attend and present your thoughts and ideas for the future of the VBT.
Another full year is coming to an end and we are looking forward to what we hope is a wonderful 2012 with renewed energy.
Coming events:
Saturday Dec 3rd    9:00 AM Year-end Temple Cleanup
Saturday Dec 11th 10:30 AM Bodhi Day/ Shotsuki
Sunday Dec 18th    9:00 AM Mochitsuki
                                   10:30 AM Year-end Dharma Service
Saturday Dec 31st 10:00 PM New Year’s Eve Service at VBT
                                   11:30 PM Bell Ringing Service at UBC
Please come and join us at these services and events.
On behalf of the Vancouver Buddhist Temple Board of Directors and myself, thank you once again for all your support.
In gassho,
Frank Hamanishi

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