Dharma School Bowling Party & Pizza

 There was a very good turnout of approximately 30 people who came to the Dharma School bowling party after morning service on Sunday, January 23rd. There were all manner of bowling styles, broad smiles and thumbs up after a good ball and resigned faces after a poor one. Whatever the score, all the participants, young and old, had an enjoyable afternoon of activity with Dharma friends and lots of delicious pizza and soft drinks to keep the energy level up.
Back at the temple, the steadily increasing numbers we have attending the regular Sunday morning services have been encouraging and heartwarming. We would like to take this opportunity to remind our members that regular Sunday Services are not only for Dharma School students, but also for adults. The service is in English and although the dharma talk may be aimed toward the young, the lessons are meaningful, no matter your age.
It is quite amazing to see our young students remain still and quiet during the 2 minutes or so of silent meditation. The older students have been taking their turn to ring the kansho bell and chair the services, the younger students help with the collection of the offertory; several older; several older students help out on the keyboard, and the young children are all eager to come forward to do oshoko and bow before the shrine of Amida Buddha.
If you have never attended a Family/Dharma School Service on a “regular” Sunday, we welcome you all.

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