Research Grant Awarded to Jessica Main - UBC

Vancouver Buddhist Temple member Jessica Main was in Japan for most of the month of November researching her Doctoral Thesis. Jessica is the Chair of Tung Lin Kok Yuen Canada Foundation on Buddhism and Contemporary Society. The Chair is the steward of UBC’s Buddhism and Contemporary Society Program at UBC.
We are proud to have awarded Jessica with a bursary of $1000 for her to use towards her research in Kyoto. The cheque was awarded at the Eitaikyo service on November 6. This was appropriate as we observe Eitaikyo to remember past teachers of the Dharma. The Eitaikyo fund collects donations during the service and this fund is used to help fund the education of future teachers of the Dharma.
Jessica is a strong supporter of our Sangha activities, being a contributor to our Dharma Circle Sessions . She expressed sincere gratitude toward Aoki Sensei for recognizing the importance of the work and to fellow sangha members for the generous grant.

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