Highlights of May Board Meeting

1.  Rev. L. Kawamura Memorial service  April 21,      Koden to U.of Calgary, Kawamura              Scholarship Fund.
2.  ASBTC-AGM held on April 30, May1, attended by Aoki Sensei, D.Ohori, F.Hamanishi, G.Chor,B.Akune,L.Bishop.Term as Interim Bishop ended April 30,2011 for Aoki Sensei. Newly installed Bishop is Rev. Grant Ikuta (Steveston) for one year.  Executive officers for JSBTC are: D.Ohori President, J.Hisanaga (Manitoba) Vice-President, D. Major (S.Alberta) Secretary, R.Nakano(Hamilton) Treasurer. JSBTC Womens Federation officers are: S.Huntley (Calgary) President, K.Wakabayashi (Toronto) Vice -President, A. Nagamatsu (Fraser Valley) Secretary, M. Takasaki (Toronto) Treasurer. Dues and assessment for 2011 are $65 per member. (Editor's note: These dues are paid on behalf of members by Vancouver Buddhist Temple).

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