Dharma School - April

Our thoughts and hearts are with the people of Japan who have experienced a destructive earthquake, a devastating tsunami, and now face the risk of possible nuclear contamination from the damage done to the nuclear power plants along the north east coast. Aoki Sensei asked the Dharma School students and everyone attending the March Ohigan Service to be grateful for the lunch we would be enjoying while those suffering the consequences of the natural disaster in Japan faced their losses and challenges. We know that the situation was in the thoughts of two Dharma School students as they decorated a cookie with the characters for ÔÇòNihonÔÇû and a wave of tsunami decorated
LivingRoom Dinner
By Shan Tao and Wisteria Classes
ÔÇòWe served dinner to many people at the LivingRoom next door. It was a good experience for us. There were many helpers from our temple. We were well organized and our assembly line worked well. We served up-up 130 meals then offered seconds to anyone who wanted it. The line-up started right away. The people were very thankful and appreciative. There were many smiles on everyone’s faces. We felt like we were a part of the community. The big picture was us not forgetting about the less fortunate all around us. We must try to do whatever we can to make life better for all. This one day will remembered by many. ÔÇò

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