Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Memorial Service Sunday, April 3 at 10:30AM Vancouver Buddhist Temple

 Japan experienced the worst earthquake and tsunami in its history on March 11, 2011 at approximately 2:50PM Japan time. These two disasters caused more than 10,000 deaths and many thousands of people are still missing. Survivors are sheltered in temporary quarters and food and water are in short supply It has been declared the worst natural disaster in Japan’s recorded history. In addition, the damage done to the nuclear plants in Fukushima has added further threats to the safety of all its citizens.
Fundraising for the earthquake and tsunami relief have been organized by many organizations. Vancouver Buddhist Temple is observing a special memorial service to pay respects to the countless number of lost lives. In addition, the service is an opportunity to raise relief funds. This special service is scheduled for Sunday, April 3 at 10:30AM. Rev. Michael Onshin Newton, who is a Soto Zen Master in Vancouver and teaches at Simon Fraser University, will be joining the service to introduce and practice Zen meditation, in conjunction with our sutra chanting and Dharma Talks by both Rev. Newton and myself.
A few days after the earthquake, Hongwanji started to collect donations to be specifically used for helping the people. In just a few days, Hongwanji organized a group of its ministers to be sent to the stricken area for much-needed supplies for the volunteers. They have now sent in three separate groups as well, a special committee was established at Tsukiji Hongwanji in Tokyo to determine what kind of support Hongwanji would be able to offer. We as the VBT will be collecting funds to send directly to the Nishi Hongwanji, for their efforts in the disaster stricken areas. Your donations will be gratefully appreciated, but unfortunately in this case, no tax receipts can be issued.
Another option is to make donations to the Japan Relief Fund via the Canadian Red Cross. Donations will be accepted by our temple on behalf of the Red Cross and tax receipts from the Canadian Red Cross will be sent directly by mail to the individual donors. To receive a tax receipt for your donation, you will need to submit your name and mailing address along with your donation. For those who prefer to donate directly to the Canadian Red Cross, please mail to: Canadian Red Cross, Japan Earthquake Fund,
BC/Yukon Office, Lake City Way,
Burnaby, BC,
V5A 4Y2
There is also the option to send donations to the office of the Consul-General of Japan in Vancouver. Our Vancouver Buddhist Temple directors and I would like to encourage all our members and friends to choose one of the numerous ways you can help the people of Japan right now. Your generous and selfless support is very much appreciated.
Namo Amida Butsu,
Tatsuya Aoki

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