Message from the VBT Board - May 2011

 On the weekend of April 29th, 30th and May 1st, Dave Ohori, Bob Akune, Greg Chor, Lorna Bishop, Rev. Aoki and I attended the JSBTC AGM in Toronto. There were delegates and observers from member temples across Canada in attendance. The AGM went very well. At the AGM, it was announced that Rev. Grant Ikuta will be the new Bishop of JSBTC. Thank you to Rev. Grant for taking on this position and we will work with the new Bishop in furthering Jodo Shinshu in Canada.
At this time I would like on behalf of all the Temples across Canada to thank our Aoki Sensei for taking on the position as interim Bishop for the last six months. We appreciate all he has done for us in these trying times.
The new executive board of the JSBTC will be Dave Ohori as president, Jim Hisanaga as Vice President, Ray Nakano as Treasurer, David Major as Secretary and Larry Ryan as Member at Large. The executive for JSBTC Women’s Federation is Susan Huntley as President, Kim Wakabayashi, Vice President, Amy Nagamatsu, Secretary and Myra Takasaki, Treasurer.
At the Meeting it was decided that the World 2015 Women’s Federation Convention would not be hosted by Canada.
Next year’s AGM will be hosted by Manitoba and 2013 will be hosted by Calgary.
On Sunday May 8th after our Gotan-e/Shotsuki service, we had our installation of board of directors for VBT for 2011 and 2012. We wish to thank all the directors for taking on this position and for your future direction of the VBT.
Coming events:
Saturday June 4th 9:00 AM Manju making for Obon
Saturday June 11th Noon VBT Golf Tournament
Sunday June 12th 10:30 AM Parent’s Day and June Shotsuki
Saturday June 25th 4:00 PM Temple Party. This is a get together for members of VBT to have a social evening. Dinner provided by VBT. Come and enjoy the get together. We hope to have an informative guest speaker.
On behalf of the Vancouver Buddhist Temple Board of Directors and myself, thank you once again for all your support.
 Frank Hamanishi, President VBT

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