Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Memorial Service April 3 (Sun) 10:30AM

Rev. Onshin Michael Newton
Rev. Tatsuya Aoki
Sensei Bob Akune
Please join us on Sunday, April 3 at 10:30 AM to acknowledge the suffering, remember the victims, and reflect on the events of the Great Tohoku Earthquake and its after-effects. The service will consist of Sutra Chanting, Offering of Incense, Dharma Talk by Rev. Newton and Rev. Aoki, and the practice Soto Zen Meditation in memory of victims of the earthquake.
Rev. Onshin Michael Newton is one of the resident priests of the Mountain Rain Zen Community.
Michael’s interest in Buddhism grew from studying aikido and Chinese martial arts in his early teens in Calgary, Alberta. He practiced aikido in Japan for a year when he was twenty, and again several years later. He studied Japanese language and religion at the University of British Columbia and Tsukuba University in Japan. He began to practice zazen at a beautiful, old Rinzai temple on Mount Tsukuba. Later he moved to Kyoto and practiced Soto Zen with Shohaku Okumura for three years. Since returning to Canada in 1987, they have practiced with Zoketsu Norman Fischer and were ordained by him in 2003. Michael teaches Asian studies, Japanese culture, and religious studies at Simon Fraser University.

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