2011 VBT Spring Bazaar

 Our annual bazaar is our largest fund-raising mechanism for our temple. It helps us keep our annual membership fees low . As usual, in the spirit of dana and community-mindedness, we had 30 volunteers giving of their time to help with preparations on Friday, 60 people helped all day on Saturday and finally, on Sunday, the day of the bazaar, 120 members and friends came, some as early as 5am to help. The bazaar opened at 12 noon to good attendance and closed at 3pm. The sales were excellent which helped in achieving a good financial return. The manju making days prior to the bazaar consisted of making a variety of manju. They included, mushi (steamed), yaki (baked), mikasa and habutai (mochi). A total of1800 manju were made on Feb.5, 2400 were made on , March 12 and 1500 were made on Mar 26. As usual, best sellers such as maki-zushi, chicken teriyaki, chow-mein and ohagi sold out and udon as always, was the main feature of the event. 
Thank you to the helpers who put in long hours in preparation for the event. Thank you to those who baked goods for the bake sales, to the members and friends who offered goods in kind.
Door prize winners for the Bazaar Raffle were:
Masako Yada -$50,
C. Tsurumaru -$35,
Melanie Komori - $25.

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