Dharma School - January Report "Skating into 2012"

We are off to a gentle start to the new year after an active and busy end to 2011. 
The skating party on December 30th drew approximately 50 people to enjoy some ice time.  Seasoned skaters glided effortlessly, novices stepped out tentatively, young and old-er  were pulled and spun around in “ice sleds”, at one end of the rink energetic souls engaged in a determined game of ice hockey, youngsters and oldsters took some “time out” in the playhouse and games at center ice, and a few (we won’t name them) met with more ice than desired. Thankfully, there were no serious consequences. By the end of the evening, there were  many door prizes won by the participants and boxes of non-perishable foods to donate to the Food Bank.  Thank you to every one who came out and a very special thanks to Pat and Susie for the generous donation of the rink rental cost! 

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