Board of Directors Recommends Constitution Change

Please come to the Vancouver Buddhist Temple Annual General Meeting February 26th, 2012  at 1pm and make your voice heard. Following  changes in the BC Societies Act, the VBT board initiated a review of the constitution set in 1953. This work began in 2002 and resulted in final review and recommendation during 2011. In the December 2011 board meeting, the constitution committee including input from H. Mizuta, K. Mizushima, B. Akune and G. Chor made final recommendations. The board adopted the constitution draft and is recommending the members vote for adoption of the new constitution draft. 
The constitution draft follows the form of bylaws put forth in the BC Society Act. The board of directors believes that following this standardized form and documenting VBT specific rules, regulations, bylaws, guidelines and operational procedures in our policies and procedures manual is the most appropriate and effective way to govern our organization taking the most advantage of the work done in the BC Societies Act.
Attached are draft documents describing the recommended filing of the new constitution and bylaws. There are three ways to define a constitution and bylaw described in the BC Societies act. The approach we are recommending is Form 1 which is the simplest whereby we state our purpose and indicate that we are adopting the bylaws provided in Schedule B of the BC Society Act ( Society Act - Schedule B Bylaws.pdf). Attached is a copy of the bylaws provided by the BC Societies Act which will be incorporated as part of the Vancouver Buddhist Temple Constitution and Bylaws ( Buddhist Temple - Constitution Draft.pdf) .

Please review these documents and bring your questions and support to the AGM on February 26th at 1pm. If you have any questions in advance, please contact our committee chair @

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