Dharma School - Ice Skating, Mochi pounding

 A Happy, Healthy, and peaceful 2012 to all
our students and their families, and friends. The New
Year‘s Day Service is an especially heartwarming
one; the atmosphere in the Hondo is palpable with
joy, goodwill, and gratitude as we gather with family
and friends to extend good wishes. The children
leave the Hondo with smiling faces and their gift of

Dharma School students also had happy
smiles to end the old year as they mingled with the
large turnout of members and helpers on Mochitsuki
day on December 18th and as they sampled the
creative mochi offerings of the youth. Mark your
calendars for mochitsuki 2012 if you have never
tasted a gooey mochi topped with crisp bacon and,
carmelized onions, or miso mixed with Japanese
mayo and topped with katsuo (bonito) flakes – very
yummy and fabulous ideas for a unique snack or
meal. Everyone was also treated to a lunch of more
traditional "ozoni" – mochi in soup with vegetables
and chicken, scalloped potatoes, and a sweet
offering of "zenzai" – cooked red beans in soup.
A large box of clothing was collected over
several weeks to take to our neighbours at the Living
Room after Bodhi Day Service on December 11th.

Thank you to Izumi Low for taking the initiative to
oversee this effort to help our less fortunate
neighbours at a time when it is most needed.
The skating party on the 30th of December at
Moody Park Arena was the wrap up activity for 2011
for Vancouver Dharma School. More on that in the
next issue. In the new year we look forward to a
bowling party at Revs Bowling. Please see details
As we begin a new year, staff and students
thank Aoki Sensei, and otera members for their past
support, encouragement, and guidance.

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