Message from the VBT Board - January 2012

On behalf of the Board, I wish to thank Aoki
Sensei for all his hard work and guidance
throughout the year. Best wishes Sensei, to you and
your family.
Thank you to the executive and the board of
directors for all your hard work and support
throughout the year and to all the Toban captains
and members for looking after the Temple. Special
thanks to our Secretary Gina Chor and to our
Minister‘s Assistant Dr. Bob. Joanne and Aoki
Sensei for looking after the Bodhi Mind, we really
appreciate your efforts for the Temple. To all the
individuals and commercial establishments for your
generous donations throughout the year.
Minasan domo arigato gozaimashita.
Thank you to the Karaoke Club and Senior Club
for your generous donations and may you all have a
healthy and prosperous New Year 2012, the year of
the Dragon.
Year 2012 is a non-election year for our Temple
but we will be having our Annual AGM on Sunday,
February 26th at 1:00 PM. Please plan to attend this
very important meeting.
Coming events:
Sunday January 1st 10:30 AM New Year‘s Service
Friday January 6th 7:00 PM Public Lecture at VBT
(Rev. Peter Inokoji of Sacramento Buddhist Church
Sunday January 8th 10:30 AM Hoonko/Shotsuki
Service (with Rev. Inokoji)
Saturday January 14 th 10:00 AM Toban Meeting
Sunday January 15th 10:30 AM Hoonko Service at
Steveston (No service at VBT)
Sunday February 26th 1:00 PM VBT AGM
Please come and join us at these services and
On behalf of the Vancouver Buddhist Temple
Board of Directors and myself, thank you once
again for all your support. Happy Holidays and
Happy New Year.
In gassho,
Frank Hamanishi

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