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Introduction to Buddhism - 5 Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm - Nov 1 to Nov 29, 2017 $40

Wednesday Evenings 7pm to 9pm November 1 to November 29, 2017. All classes will be held in the Shrine Room (Hondo) of the Vancouver Buddhist Temple located at 220 Jackson Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6A 3B3
Eventbrite - Introduction to Buddhism - Fall 2016

Cost:  $40.00 (+ nominal booking fee) for the 5 sessions. Students $25. Click to Pre-Register *required. 

LGBTQ and Jodo Shinshu Buddhism Nov 18

Our neighbours in Seattle are hosting a 1 day seminar on the topic. Reverend Kiyonobu Kuwahara, the subject of the Lion's Roar article,,   will introduce speakers including Canada's own Dr. Jeff Wilson, "A Big Gay History of Same-sex Marriage in the Sangha".

Join Our Virtual Book Club!

The Living Dharma Centre Virtual Book Club


Thank you to those who have signed up to join us in the LDC’s Virtual Book Club.  This is a gateway to a Virtual Sangha that not only encompasses our country but has reached across the U.S., Hawaii, Europe and Central and South America! We are thrilled to embrace all in our efforts to spread the Dharma.


A Way of Living as a Nembutsu Follower

Buddhism began when Sakyamuni attained enlightenment and became Buddha about 2500 years ago. In Japan, Buddhism was originally referred to as the Buddha Dharma. The Dharma here referred to the true reality of how the world is and the nature of humanity itself. It is the universal truth that trans‐ cends both space and time. The one who awakens to this truth is called a Bud‐ dha, and the teaching of the Buddha is the wisdom that teaches us how we can live, while dealing with many anxieties and sufferings we may experience in life.



Go-tan-e celebrates the birth of Shinran Shonin (1173-1262), the founder of Shin Buddhism. The life and teachings of Shinran-shonin constitute one of the most significant developments in the history of Buddhism. It was he who discovered a path which ensured that the treasures of the Dharma would be accessible to all people without discrimination.

No matter which way I turn, the Buddha embraces me (Hiroumi Hiroumi)

When physicist Albert Einstein was invited to Japan, he paid a visit to Reverend Jokan Chikazumi and asked him about the Buddha Dharma, especially the heart of the Buddha (―Buddha-mind‖). It is said thatRev. Chikazumi told him the story of Ubasuteyama (the old custom of abandoning old people, usually women, deep in the mountains). A young man was hurrying along a mountain path carrying his aged mother on his back. Along the way, the mother was breaking off tree twigs and dropping them on the path. She was marking the path with a trail of twigs.

Ichiren Takusho “Born Together on the Same Lotus Flower”

 “Megumi:108 Compassionate Blessings” (by Toshihide Numata, published by BDK)        The phrase ichiren takusho means to be born together on the same lotus flower blooming in Amida’s Pure land of Utmost Bliss, which is also known as the Lotus-repository world (rengezo sekai). In this present life, even though people may live under the same roof together for many years, they live in different worlds. Parents and children, husband and wife, each of us is closed up in our own world. We set up our own “selves” We take advantage of others when it is convenient for us.

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