Video Recordings

Reverend Noriaki Ito, Bishop of the Higashi Honganji Temple in Los Angeles shares his perspective on the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Tradition.
Watch Dr. Steve Prime, Department of Psychology, University of Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand, "Your Brain on Buddhism - an unfolding dialogue about Buddhism and Neuro Psychology" low resolution high resolution. This presentation given at Vancouver Buddhist Temple on Jun 24, 2012.
Watch Dharma Talk "Anger Management from the Jodo Shinshu Perspective" click here to listen to Rev. Ryuta Furumoto. (41 minutes) April 7, 2012.
Click Links to VBT's Hoonko Musical Service (January 8, 2012) featuring guest minister Rev. Peter Inokoji and ministerial candidate Christina Yanko (3 videos including )
Click Link to Rev. Peter Inokoji Discussion Jan 6, 2012 "Buddhism and War" and Youth Advocacy Committee
Click Link to Rev. Masao Kodani's Obon Dharma Talk (Please Just Dance) 
Click Link to Rev Masao Kodani's Dharma Talk in Japanese on July 9th (8 minutes)
Click Link to Rev Masao Kodani's lecture at VBT on July 7th, 2011  "Buddhism and especially Jodo Shinshu is not a matter of Faith" (part 1 87minutes)
(part 2 short)
Click Link to Rev James Martin "4 Truths and a Funeral" Dharma Talk at Shinshu Shindig
Click Link to Rev Dr Mark Unno's lecture at VBT on Apr 8, 2011  "Inconceivable Life: Buddhism and the Boundless Embrace of Boundless Compassion"
Click Link to Rev Dean Koyama's lecture at VBT on Jan 7, 2011 "Becoming our foolish self":
Click Link to Rev Mark Unno's lecture regarding interreligious dialogue at UBC Sep 23, 2010:
Click Link to playlist for Reverend Bob Oshita's Buddhism for Dummies lecture on YouTube: 
Watch the Young Adults and Youth Service held at 3am on Sept 26, 2010 at the BCJSBTF Convention:
Click link to watch Reverend Dennis Fujimoto, Idaho-Oregon Buddhist Temple talk about Nembutsu Walking Meditation Marathon
Click link to watch memories of the 2009 LDC Manning Park Family Retreat

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