Happy New Year - Rev Tatsuya Aoki

Happy New Year 
As we enter 2018, and when I look back to the past year with all its ups and downs, we have many moments for which to be grateful. Previously in a Dharma talk for a Shōtsuki memorial service, I spoke on the subject of “Everyday is a good day, no matter what!” We have to make it so!  
The following month, a temple mem- ber told me before a service, “I found out that one of my family members has terminal can- cer. Then I recalled your Dharma talk, and we jut try to take it one day at a time; and I am so grateful for every day”.  

This reflects the very essence of Bud- dhism. With each day, let us try to take it one moment at a time, and be grateful for each day and each moment.  To live with apprecia- tion day-to-day, and moment-to-moment is to live a life of Nembutsu.       

Namo Amida Butsu,   Tatsuya Aoki 

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