How do I get into the Temple...It looks like a fortress!

 Please check the temple calendar under Resources or your Bodhi Mind Newsletter for the latest schedule and changes. The office is attended most weekdays between 11am and 3pm.

Getting in to the Temple (Walking and Driving)

On activity days, if you are walking you can enter the temple from the Jackson Ave "Social Hall" entrance closest to the lane or drive up to the parking lot entrance approching from the East along Powell Street look for the driveway to the underground parking on your left before you reach Jackson Avenue.

Gate or Door Locked?

If the "Social Hall" gate is locked, please press the bell to the left of the gate. If arriving by car, wait 3 minutes at the driveway and someone will open the door. There should be someone in the temple 10 to 15 minutes before each activity. If the driveway door does not open, please exit your vehicle safely and press all the buttons to the left of the garage door. As a last resort, please phone the temple at 6042537033.

In gassho and gratitude 

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