Infinite Life (Muryojudo) - a history of the Vancouver Buddhist Temple

 -New Publication, History Book of the
Vancouver Buddhist Temple.
Over five years ago, a committee was
organized to compile a history of our temple from
when it was first established back in 1904. It was felt
that a written record would be very meaningful and
enjoyable to past, present and future members and
family. To learn about the struggles and hardship
endured by our pioneers, past and present, is an
important legacy for our future stability and growth of
our wonderful Teaching.
After regular monthly meetings for the past
five years, a beautiful hard-cover book will be ready
for distribution to members and friends of the temple
by January, 2012. The publication of over 200 pages
is on high-quality gloss paper filled with many
memorable photographs in black and white, and in
colour. Written detailed accounts of our history, as
well as personal recollections of special events and
occasions are all included.
Each household whether single or of multiple
members, as a current member, shall receive one
book at no charge. Additional copies may be
purchased at cost upon request. The cost per book
to publish is $60.00 plus tax.
The History Book committee seeks your
assistance to finance the cost of this ÔÇùonce-in
-a-lifetime‘ Centennial Anniversary
publication. Any contribution to
off-set cost is much appreciated.
Hands In Gassho,
History Book Committee

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