Join Our Virtual Book Club!

The LDC (Living Dharma Centre) is starting a Virtual Book Club this fall. We invite interested people to read a specific book chosen every three months and sign up for email participation and discussion.

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To start up our Virtual Book Club, our first title(s) for the month of September, October and November are:

1) River of Fire, River of Water By Taitetsu Unno

2) Call of the Infinite By John Paraskevopoulos

For our first selection of our new book club, we have chosen two titles. Both are excellent introductions to Shin Buddhism and are easily understandable. These books are available through Chapters Indigo and Amazon.

River of Fire, River of Water was published in 1998 and speaks for itself as being a classic in Shin Buddhism literature. Written by the wonderful teacher and Shin Scholar, Tai Unno, if you have not already read it, we encourage you to!

Call of the Infinite was first published in 2009 and the following are a few comments made by people who have read it:

“Call of the Infinite is a rare and lovely thing: a succinct treatment in 96 pages of the major concerns of Shin faith and life which manages to be compelling for all its brevity. Author John Paraskevopoulos is an Australian convert who is also a Shin priest. He has the marvellous ability to anticipate a reader’s questions and answer them in straightforward fashion in a clear, lively prose.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CALL OF THE INFINITE to one who has no previous background in Shin Buddhism. I feel confident that such a reader could then go on to the more fully-orbed works of such established writers as Alfred Bloom, Dennis Hirota, Kenneth Tanaka, and Taitetsu Unno.

-Peter M. Schogol

“This is a deeply thoughtful work and is a mature and useful guide for the spiritually hungry or perplexed. It is brief, but not epigramic; each paragraph gives the reader plenty to contemplate, but the meaning is always clear. The book is written in beautifully constructed English – not something one can take for granted in any published work. It is also cleverly and clearly structured.”

– M.F. Healsmith

If you have any question or to sign up for discussion emails please contact Barb MacCarl at:

Please watch for the next title we will be highlighting for our LDC Virtual Book Club in the month of November!

Every now and then we come across a book that we feel is not only simply a good read but is enriching as well. When this happens, a copy of this book will be distributed to all temples to share with your Sangha. We are currently in the process of securing a book to be distributed to all temples in October or November of this year. Please watch for an announcement of the title and the appearance of the books at your local temple!

As Program Director of the LDC, I am grateful for the efforts of my fellow LDC committee members: Brenda Ikuta (Dharma School Project), Barb MacCarl (Book Club and Buddhist Studies) and especially to Bishop Tatsuya Aoki for his guidance and leadership.

May we all remember that “Each and every one of us is a Living Dharma Centre.”

In Gratitude and In Gassho,

Amy Wakisaka
LDC Program Director

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